greenlight digital


the brief

Working closely with a specially appointed team at Greenlight Digital, where I was employed as Lead Copywriter at the time, I was tasked with helping to develop a new tone of voice (TOV) for the agency as part of a full re-branding project. This involved tasks such as helping to craft a new mission statement, as well as writing other key elements of their refreshed brand guidelines. Upon completion, I produced a portion copy for their site, and edited the rest (which was outsourced due to time constraints) to ensure it met the new TOV guidelines. Below are samples of copy written by me. 


There’s something incredibly personal about tone of voice projects. How a brand chooses to communicate is, after all, what makes them who they are. It solidifies everything they want to be and how they want to bee seen, personifying those all-important USPs in a way that will resonate. Developing a new TOV is often, therefore, not an easy ride. There are a lot of ideas from people who really care to take on board and, what’s more, respect, but the challenge makes the reward all the greater. Having worked at the company for years myself, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of it.


sample copy

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