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primark: seo-driven product copy

Primark have a determinedly young and ‘current’ tone of voice, so naturally it was vital to implement this when writing optimised product copy for their site. The challenge came when trying to marry this ‘Insta-worthy’ language with high volume keywords, as well as a desire from the brand to remain as gender-neutral as possible.

The beauty of language, of course, is that almost anything is possible with a bit of creative thinking. In the end, I was able to produce copy that would both enable Primark’s site to rank highly in the SERPs, and tick all the boxes when it came to staying true to the brand’s unique and distinctive tone of voice. Win win.



found: thought leadership article


Furniture village: lifestyle articles


new balance: optimised product & category copy

Featured Project

furniture village: the squirrel who scrolled too much 

It’s always fun to work on campaigns that let you run with your imagination – which this interactive ‘bedtime story for grown-ups’ certainly did. The campaign came as part of a long-term SEO and content marketing strategy for national furniture retailer, Furniture Village, and was intended to garner backlinks and promote their bedroom range.  

I worked closely with content strategists, digital PR folk, web dev geniuses and a seriously talented illustrator throughout the project, the results being a rather nifty, interactive bedtime story for grown-ups. Lovely stuff.  


Furniture village: data-led campaign


merj: tone of voice & web copy


rajapack: outreach article

Featured Project

greenlight digital: tone of voice

I worked at Greenlight Digital for five years, so, as Lead Copywriter, it was a real pleasure to get to be a part of their re-branding project. By this point, I’d already been at the award-winning digital agency for quite some time, making it all the more rewarding to see the brand transformation take place.

Working as part of a truly talented team, I helped to develop the company’s new mission statement and tone of voice guidelines (TOV). I was also editorially responsible for ensuring all new copy across the site met this TOV, producing some of it myself and editing the rest. A real treat of a project, which felt as personally as it did professionally gratifying.  

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