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the brief

This interactive content marketing campaign for Furniture Village saw me analysing popular children’s books to identify key themes, common language styles and recurring plot patterns in order to produce our very own ‘bedtime story for grown-ups’. The idea behind the campaign was to promote the benefits of reading before bed (in a world where adults seem to be perpetually sleep-deprived), and to explore just what makes the ‘perfect’ children’s tale. I worked closely with a child psychologist to give the campaign authority, and an illustrator to bring my story to life. Alongside the interactive bedtime story itself, we produced an infographic to display our rationale and research findings.


Content marketing is changing, especially when it comes to garnering those all-important backlinks – aka it’s no longer enough to produce a big, glossy campaign and hope it gets picked up by publishers. Today, campaigns must be multi-faceted, with expert influence where possible, and headline-grabbing stats to back up the narrative too. Of course, creativity isn’t dead – and despite all the research and expert commentary that went into this piece, it was still important to make it shine. I loved getting to dabble in children’s story writing, and came up with the idea for a Squirrel who was addicted to her phone almost as soon as I got the brief. It just seemed a great way to marry that children’s, ‘deep dark woods’-type story, with a slightly tongue in cheek theme that most of us grown-ups would relate to.

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