the brief

As most brands today are aware, creating rich, relevant content is imperative for a site to be able to rank well in search engine results. Furniture Village were looking to increase their site’s relevancy in order to do just that, and  so needed some help in writing a series of regular, optimised lifestyle articles for their site. I was provided with some tone of voice guidance from the client, but was also able to play around a little with this too. All articles incorporate a set of keywords and internal links to relevant products.   


Although the main objectives of these articles were SEO-focused, it was important to Furniture Village that I produce genuinely valuable content with a clear user focus. One of the best parts of this project was the freedom to really amp up their personable, inspirational and magazine-esque tone of voice. While it can be quite a challenge to retain a level of originality in such a saturated space online (aka interior design), I certainly enjoyed getting in touch with my inner home-enthusiast to do so!


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the drum

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new balance

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